An Introduction from us to you..
As we emerge from Winters cooler slumber and once again feel the kiss of summers rays on our skin it is the perfect time to introduce you to HALCYON DAZE a lux swimwear label designed for and inspired by women who live each sun-soaked day by the ocean.
The story of Halcyon Daze is one that begins with friendship, two women connecting over a shared love of the ocean, a passion for surfing, avid bikini collecting and motherhood. Born from a desire to create unique, comfortable, flattering and functional swimwear.
Halcyon Daze is a swimwear label that embodies the slow fashion ethos in the swimwear landscape, focusing on using Vita lycra- a high-quality Italian lycra made from recycled post-consumer plastics, making this beautiful swimwear not only environmentally conscious but more durable and longer lasting to ensure that you can wear your favourite pieces for many summers to come.
LOVE SONG is the debut offering from Halcyon Daze inspired by those endless summers filled with salty skin, glittering oceans, young romances and dreamy days that merge ever so seamlessly into even more magical nights. The Love song collection pays homage to idyllic summers past with its timeless prints and vintage cuts all whilst embodying freedom, confidence and individuality.
At Halcyon Daze we are forever captivated by women who seek their inner nomadic spirit and follow their own sun-soaked path. We are for the women, the mothers, the daughters, the surfers, the sun lovers, and the free spirits. We welcome you to Halcyon Daze. 
Sally and Elke xx

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