Surfing in Sienna with Elise Trigger

Surfing in Sienna with Elise Trigger

Our Endless Summer One Piece is special for many reasons. Made from luxurious, high-quality Italian Vita Lyrca, and sustainable fabric, the swimsuit features tie front detail and soft seamless stitching. The ties are adjustable to suit your bust coverage and we've done our research to make sure it's surf-approved.

One of our favourite Byron Bay surfers, Elise Trigger epitomises the Halcyon Daze girl; down-to-earth, beautiful and laid-back. She spends her days by the beach and strolling the streets of Byron Bay, where she's lived since birth. Here we discuss living in Byron, her favourite surf spots and why she loves our Endless Summer One Piece in Sienna.


Halcyon Daze: How would you describe yourself?
Elise Trigger: When it comes to talking about myself I'm a bit shy, but words I hope that describe myself include easygoing, positive, passionate, kind, generous, and playful.


Where do you call home?

Home is and has always been Byron Bay for me. Growing up here from birth until now, aged 18 and coming out of school here is something I'll never be able to be grateful enough for. 


What do you enjoy most about living in Byron Bay?

The thing I love most about Byron is the acceptance and open-mindedness everyone has towards each other, whether it’s walking down the street and watching buskers, street artists, jewellers, new unique businesses, fire twirlers etc… whatever it is, everyone here is so supportive and intrigued to watch and admire. It’s a really great thing that enables every individual to flourish into their truest self through whatever passion’s they hold or believe in.


If you didn't live in Byron Bay where would you live?
A question I am still struggling to answer. After finishing school all my friends fled from their nests to a lot of other places and big cities. For me, I can never imagine living in a big city for over a few months and nowhere else in Australia has really stood out to me as a permanent home. I think it would have to be somewhere oversea’s. There would have to be waves of course. I'm a sucker for the simple life. I recently went on a trip where my friend took me to her home of Siargao in the Philippines and it’s definitely somewhere I'm looking at going back to stay for a while longer. 
When I'm older and have kids I definitely want them to grow up on an island, I want them to be outdoors and learning about their surroundings not just heads in their iPads like most kids have these days. A lot of younglings are losing their touch with nature these days and it’s really something that makes me sad. Simple things and moments have brought me so much joy in my life and I think to appreciate them is something so important and special that we need to keep passing down to each generation to stay happy, grounded and grateful.

What motivates and inspires you?
I'm inspired by people who are passionate about something especially if it’s making the world a better place, people who are driven and want to make every day better than the day before. People who don't need complicated things and technology to enjoy themselves or achieve happiness. People who care, people who believe in something hopeful even in situations of hardship. People who pour their heart into their passions and continue to do so no matter what the outcome.
What are you reading at the moment?
I’m actually reading 2 books, "Breath" by Tim Winton - I've wanted to read it forever and have been waiting to finish it before going to see the movie. The second one my mum gave me its called "You are a badass" by Jen Sincero, I have been really enjoying them both.



How do you spend your days off? When there is no surf, what do you do for fun?
Surfing is where I spend most of my time on my days off so when the waves are bad sometimes I wonder what to do with myself haha, seriously if I didn't surf I feel like I would know a couple different languages I spend that much time in the water! If I can't be in the surf I love adventuring to waterfalls, listening to music all the way up, painting, reading, doing anything new especially if it has to do with nature.
Favourite surfing spot?
The pass when it's not busy-if ever these days!
Where is your next dream destination?
There are just too many on the list... I definitely want to go to Sri Lanka, Samoa, South Africa, and Papa New Guinea.
Favourite place to meet friends?
In the water, I wish all of my friends surfed because it’s the place I'm happiest.
How would you describe your style?
My style is always changing depending on how I feel that day. Lately, since turning 19, I have really been enjoying and embracing womanhood and I think that has been showing through in my style quite a bit.



What is it you love about Halcyon Daze?

The swimmers are so bold, beautiful and feminine while using sustainable fabrics you can feel a million dollars.


What is your favourite piece from the Love Song collection?

The Endless Summer One Piece in Sienna because of its beautiful rich colour and that I can wear it surfing and it won't fall off/anything fall out haha!


What is your favourite part about surfing in Byron Bay?

The number of girls I see in the water, from a sport that used to be so male-dominated it fills my heart to paddle out and see so many women out in the water shredding it up just as good as guys are! 


What has been the biggest lesson surfing has taught you?

I think the biggest lesson surfing has taught me is to believe in myself. Surfing has given me confidence in times when I have really needed it. The confidence surfing has given me as well as the push to face my fears has helped me grow into the person I am, teaching me to never doubt myself or take on negativity. Surfing has taught me to be more present and positive with life and every challenge that comes with it.


Elise wears the Endless Summer One Piece. You can follow her adventures on Instagram here

The Halcyon Daze team endeavour to do their bit to help the planet wherever possible, and it's this reason the piece is made with Econyl, a sustainable fabric composition made from recycled post-consumer plastics.


Photo credits: @arterium @picsbyparso @rileykruck @walkwildstudio

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